Is Serialization Authentication?

In discussions I've had with colleagues over the years, the question has often been asked as to whether or not serialization can be a legitimate form of authentication? The arguments against it usually revolve around the fact that since serialization media are printed on existing labels or packaging, they can be, and usually are, easily copied, as opposed to physical authentication technologies whose core being revolves around being hard to copy. 

IMO, this misses the point. The issue isn't whether or not a particular technology is harder to copy than another, its about whether or not any technology is usedtrusted and sanctioned by the issuers & audiences that need to rely on it.

Like it or not, serialization is increasingly being seen as a primary, and sometimes the sole, means of authentication, just look at the DQSA here in the US and the European Pharma serialization requirements which are pending.

I think the question should be; Will serialization = authentication?

What do you think? Let me know.