Holograms and Fishing Lures?

I was visiting our local history museum in Hood River this weekend, and had a nice flashback to an earlier time.

Before there were holograms for security, there had to be a way to reproduce them reliably. That way turned out to be micro embossing. But there was micro embossing well before there were embossed holograms. And the things it was used for lead to the photos below.

The Diffraction Company, originally based in Towson, MD was embossing ruled diffraction patterns and making labels and other materials for years before the advent of embossed holograms. One of their biggest customers pre-hologram was Luhr-Jensen, the fishing lure company which was started and grew here in Hood River until it was sold in 2006. 

Diffco was a pioneer in getting the embossed hologram industry started. Many of the Diffco employees continue to work for OpSec, which acquired the company in 1995. 

Ruled diffraction patterns on Luhr-Jensen lures.

Ruled diffraction patterns on Luhr-Jensen lures.